What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization can be described as a subset of advertising and marketing, but when comparing to the print and television ads of yore, the Internet requires a whole new set of rules. Consumers are no longer required to buy from brick and mortar stores; furthermore, the advent of the Search Engine has allowed consumers to search for goods and services from anywhere in the world and have all their options laid out before them on a computer screen.

Search Engines exist in order to help people find what they’re looking for, but how do they determine what makes one site a better suited result for a query “New York real estate” than another? Search engine algorithms are constantly being changed and updated by Google, Yahoo and Bing for this expressed purpose: to help people find EXACTLY what they’re looking for. But like everything else in life, no system is perfect. SEO exists to bridge this gap and bring products and services to their intended consumers.

by Barry Oliver on
A valuable member of our team

Although technically a consultant, Chris has been an important part of our team for nearly 8 years now. During the his time with us he has kept us on the first page of Google for some very competitive keywords including our highest prirority target, Nicaragua real estate, and has continued to drive high quality referrals to our business. Unlike many in the search industry he has been able to keep up with the changes and has worked closely with us to stay on top of both social media and local search as both have become increasingly important factors in our industry.

Barry Oliver
Century 21 Nicaragua

by Willie Franklin on
Highly recommend

As a locally focused small business I feel like Chris and his team were the perfect resource to help me get my business launched on the web. Chris was very knowledgable, straight forward and spoke simple English through the whole process, and within a few weeks I had a great looking site that was already driving business and literally paid for itself within the first couple of months. He helped me set up a low cost but effective local advertising campaign on Google that sends me business without costing me a fortune and also made helpful suggetions on other places I can advertise with a limited budget or for free. Business is going great and Chris and his team played a big part in that.

Willie Franklin
Frankstyme Home Services

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