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Social Media Marketing the new kid on the block when it comes to search engine marketing. Website owners and businesses are missing out on a huge part of SEO/SEM if they ignore this growing industry. Networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+ are valuable for large and small business owners. Retailers and those selling a product or service can also benefit from set-up and reputation management on review sites, such as Yelp or Epinions, and virtually any website can reap the rewards from having a blog with WordPress or Blogger.

Social Media: It’s not just a tool for marketing!
There is a real connection between SEO and Social Media Marketing. While most sites utilize the “no-follow” attribute, these communities still hold a huge potential for:

  • Advertising products or services.
  • Publicizing interesting content that may be useful to the community.
  • Learn more about the interworking of an industry.
  • Building a loyal “fan base.”
  • Encouraging sharing of content or recommendations of products or service.

In short, having people “talk about” your business is good for SEO. We can help you start, build and maintain your social communities, and consequently, build the online presence of your website.

Customizable Social Media SEO Strategy

  1. Fully Optimized Account Set-up – We utilize targeted keywords in posts and set-up and attention-grabbing descriptions. Each site (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) has specific guidelines for optimal search engine success. We also specialize in Search Engine friendly WordPress & Blogger accounts.
  2. Content Creation – One of the most important parts of creating social sites that are favored by the search engines is by consistently putting out high quality, engaging, unique, useful and eye-catching content. This can be videos, images, audio, polls, “submit your story” type posts, or blog posts. It is very important to SEO that blog posts are “cross publicized” on other Social Media sites. We utilize social networking buttons on blog posts to insure visitors can quickly share the articles on their own social networking sites.
  3. Reputation Management – We can keep tabs on your social media accounts with social media monitoring tools and see what the public is saying about your business or brand. For those that want extra help with management, we can respond to visitor comments and questions and handle customer complaints.

You Determine Our Level of Involvement
Social Media is different from so many other forms of Search Engine Marketing or SEO because it involves a direct, real connection to customers. We understand that some will want a more hands-on approach with their own social media accounts, so all of our social media packages are customizable, ranging from set-up only to full Social Media Management. Contact us for more information.


by Barry Oliver on
A valuable member of our team

Although technically a consultant, Chris has been an important part of our team for nearly 8 years now. During the his time with us he has kept us on the first page of Google for some very competitive keywords including our highest prirority target, Nicaragua real estate, and has continued to drive high quality referrals to our business. Unlike many in the search industry he has been able to keep up with the changes and has worked closely with us to stay on top of both social media and local search as both have become increasingly important factors in our industry.

Barry Oliver
Century 21 Nicaragua

by Willie Franklin on
Highly recommend

As a locally focused small business I feel like Chris and his team were the perfect resource to help me get my business launched on the web. Chris was very knowledgable, straight forward and spoke simple English through the whole process, and within a few weeks I had a great looking site that was already driving business and literally paid for itself within the first couple of months. He helped me set up a low cost but effective local advertising campaign on Google that sends me business without costing me a fortune and also made helpful suggetions on other places I can advertise with a limited budget or for free. Business is going great and Chris and his team played a big part in that.

Willie Franklin
Frankstyme Home Services

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