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Key Characteristics of the Real Estate Industry

Not surprisingly, the real estate industry is a highly competitive market for online advertising. With so many dealings happening online via electronic MLS, many realtors already know the potential of search engine optimization and digital marketing. Historically, realtors and real estate agents were among the early adaptors of Internet marketing, but many of the SEO techniques that were once lucrative are now outdated and ineffective. This industry is also teeming with poorly designed, unprofessional looking websites, many of which cannot be indexed by Search Engines or suffer from duplicate content issues and poor linking history that result in Google penalties.

In addition to real estate agents, the real estate industry home to other professionals including commercial realtors, contractors, appraisers, house inspectors, home loan/mortgage specialists, home decorators, landlords, property managers and vacation rental owners. These professionals can benefit from partnering with each other and sharing resources with their client base.

Connection between SEO and Real Estate

Due to the competitive nature of the real estate industry, it can be very difficult for real estate professionals to get their sites ranked in Google for top keywords without enlisting in SEO or Search Engine Marketing services. Not only are realtors competing with fellow realtors in there area, they are also competing with third party sites such as Truila or that often occupy many of the top positions even though they are not local resources.

We can help your real estate business stand out in targeted searches in your area and attract sellers to your agency and buyers to your properties. We will use a combination of organic search, local search, social strategies and digital advertising to get your site out to as many potential clients possible as efficiently as possible.

While many SEO companies specialize in solely real estate websites, they often will take on multiple real estate websites from the same area. At A Rank Above we have a strict “no compete” policy; we will never take on a client that is a direct competitor to another. The success of your business is the success of our business.

Strategies that Work for Real Estate Professionals

  • Create sleek, user-friendly websites from scratch, or fix an older website that are in need of modern updates.
  • Unique content, not content simply mined from the MLS
  • Google Plus optimization and local search SEO on Bing and Yahoo.
  • Targeting popular neighborhoods in the area and general location queries paired with common real estate searches such as “home for sale,” “properties,” “condo,” etc.
  • Connecting with the community via social networking and blogging.

by Barry Oliver on
A valuable member of our team

Although technically a consultant, Chris has been an important part of our team for nearly 8 years now. During the his time with us he has kept us on the first page of Google for some very competitive keywords including our highest prirority target, Nicaragua real estate, and has continued to drive high quality referrals to our business. Unlike many in the search industry he has been able to keep up with the changes and has worked closely with us to stay on top of both social media and local search as both have become increasingly important factors in our industry.

Barry Oliver
Century 21 Nicaragua

by Willie Franklin on
Highly recommend

As a locally focused small business I feel like Chris and his team were the perfect resource to help me get my business launched on the web. Chris was very knowledgable, straight forward and spoke simple English through the whole process, and within a few weeks I had a great looking site that was already driving business and literally paid for itself within the first couple of months. He helped me set up a low cost but effective local advertising campaign on Google that sends me business without costing me a fortune and also made helpful suggetions on other places I can advertise with a limited budget or for free. Business is going great and Chris and his team played a big part in that.

Willie Franklin
Frankstyme Home Services

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